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Skelmore Hospitality Partners

Established in 2011, Skelmore Hospitality is a dynamic company which leverages its strong business acumen and innovative ideas to disrupt the F&B market in Dubai, GCC and worldwide. Skelmore Hospitality Partners is a subsidiary of Skelmore Group, an investment and holding company established in 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

Our strength lies in our ability to develop innovative concepts which are professionally executed to achieve clear business objectives, ensuring both a world class experience for our customers while exceeding standard industry KPIs.

Innovative Concepts

Passionate Team

Culinary Expertise

Diverse Brands Portfolio

Hospitality Expertise

We have built a vibrant and talented in house team with a diverse skill-set, both from within and outside the industry, who collectively ensure we continue to be at the height of industry standards while maintaining our strong growth trajectory and operational objectives.